Email Signature


Email Signature

The general structure of the email signature is a guideline that allows for some consistency and the flexibility to add/omit information that best suits your need. Avoid using background colors, patterns and logos as they compromise the legibility and create inconsistencies from person to person. The recommended email signature structure is listed below.

  • Font: Arial
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 10 point minimum / 12 point maximum
  • Use http:// before, to retain the hyperlink in rich text emails


Example A
Our preferred recommendation minimizes the number of lines by omitting the name of the organization. The organization name is evident by including an email line and website link.


Example B
We understand that some require a more formal approach by including the name of the organization in the signature line, and a need to include a mobile number or omit a fax number. An appropriate alternative would be to include only “Valencia College”  text immediately after the employee’s Department/Office and add/omit the necessary numbers, after the telephone number.


Do not follow this example.
This is an email correspondence example that falls short of the clean, legible and streamlined examples above.

Valencia Email - Wrong