Photography Services

Photography services provided by the Public Affairs and Marketing office support the college’s marketing and PR goals by providing high-quality, reputation-enhancing images.

Due to limited resources, our staff photographer cannot cover every event or meet every department’s needs. Therefore, priority is given to the following:

    • Public relations and marketing efforts – news releases, website, social media, brochures and paid advertising
    • Newsworthy events – events that merit local, regional or national media interest
    • Major college-sponsored events – commencement, Learning Day, Osceola September 11 memorial
    • College publications – Vitae magazine

Criteria for Requesting Photos

To request the college photographer for an event or studio portrait, please submit a request through our marketing request form as far in advance as possible.

The college photographer does not schedule requests for photos taken only for a department’s personal use or for use as mementos for the subjects of the photos.

If a request cannot be accommodated, the college photographer can recommend qualified freelance photographers for you to work with directly at your department’s expense. Freelancers can cover banquets and receptions, graduations, conferences, individual student recognitions and awards, and classroom activities.

Photo requests for brochures or marketing materials should be treated as a “Creative Services” request, requiring a project manager, art director and a planned photo shoot to yield the strongest impact. Photos used for marketing or advertising purposes must be taken in a controlled environment, with appropriate lighting and staging, and dedicated time and attention from the photo subjects. Therefore, shooting while a class, event or other function is underway is generally not possible.


Photo Archive

The college photographer maintains an extensive archive of digital photos, including classrooms and campus scenes, student life, portraits and events. These photos are continually updated and are available for use by the college community.