Master Logo

Master Logo

The Valencia College logo is the primary graphic for all audiences—two words in two tones, in a fixed relationship that should not be altered or modified.

Please do not change the logo.

Please do not create your own logo or alter the logo in any way.

  • The logo is custom drawn artwork that cannot be recreated by typing letters.
  • The logo must only appear in the approved colors and never be typed out or treated as typography.
  • The logo should never appear next to any other text, headline, office title or department name.
  • The logo should be positioned away from any other headline, label or text identifier.
  • Please respect the clear space and minimum size usage requirements described below.

Preferred Master Logo

Use on white and varied backgrounds.

Preferred Master Logo - grayscale

Use if background is light.

Alternate Master Logo - positive

Use only on white background.

Alternate Master Logo - positive - grayscale

Use if background is light.


To preserve the integrity of Valencia College logos, always maintain a minimum clearspace around logos so that they are isolated from competing elements—such as text and graphics.

In this example the minimium clearspace is the width of two E’s.

Minimum Size
The Valencia College external logo can be sized down to a minimum of 1” in width measured — from “V” to “E.”