A Presentation (also referred to as a “deck”) has two design components – the template and the theme.


The “template” is the framework of the template regions: page layouts, backgrounds, etc. Build a new presentation from one of these PowerPoint presentation templates.

Download: Presentation - Valencia College (283 downloads)

Download: Presentation - Campus Life (228 downloads)



The “theme” controls the color, fonts and styles applied to the content within the template. Add Valencia colors, fonts, styles and logo to your presentation using one of these Valencia branded PowerPoint presentation themes.

Download: Presentation Themes (1125 downloads)



Accuracy in grammar, spelling and punctuation is essential. Follow these suggestions to proofread your documents:

  • Use spellcheck and grammar functions in your application
  • Print your document and proofread on paper
  • Double-check numbers and pay attention to homonyms
  • Read your document backwards to identify misspelled words
  • Have a friend review the document